Property and Housing

Whether you are a first-time buyer or a landlord, we can advise you on all manner of issues relating
to property, including:

  • Buying and selling property
  • Planning
  • Commercial leases
  • Tenancy agreements
  • Rent reviews
  • Possession proceedings
  • Transfers of family or holiday homes
  • Residents’ and Tenants’ Associations
  • Boundary disputes

Property is usually the most valuable asset any of us will own and it’s important to ensure everything
to do with your property transaction is done in a way that you understand and in a timely fashion.
We also advise that you make or update your Will, ensuring your wishes will be acknowledged when
the time comes.

Our members have the expertise to respond to the individual needs of their clients, and always aim
to make the process as cost effective and stress free as possible.
Many of our members offer preferential rates to service personnel and veterans for a variety of
property transactions. Contact us today for some initial advice and a quote.

The most important point that we can make is to take advice from one of our specialist firms as soon as possible if you have any related query.

Our member law firms who provide this service

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We are able to offer legal advice on all matters, from civilian issues to courts martial, calling on our members wealth of experience, in every matter relating to forces life.