Forces Law Training

24 Mar 2022

For lawyers, Continuous Professional Development helps us to reflect, review and document our learning. CPD helps us develop and update our legal knowledge and skills. 

Here at Forces Law, all our members will undertake their own CPD as directed by their member firm, the Solicitors Regulatory Authority, the Law Society and accreditation authorities. 

In addition to the above, Forces Law offers all its members additional CPD on matters affecting our armed forces community. This is what sets Forces Law aside from other law firms. 

Clare Dalby, Solicitor and Chair of Forces Law says, “Producing highly trained specialists who our Armed Forces community can truly trust is our aim. Our commitment to Continuous Professional Development of our members is embedded in our specialist training programmes which we run throughout the year”. 

Over the past 12 months, our members have received CPD sessions on topics including Matrimonial matters, Interviewing Witnesses with PTSD, and AFCS Causation and Exemptions. Even matters not directly involving a military career can have an effect on any military career or pension and Forces Law put an emphasis on this in all our training. 

Maintaining current knowledge is key in an everchanging world especially for those who serve. Forces Law work closely with subject matter experts who deliver the latest information on changes to policies within the Armed Forces and recent relevant case law ensuring Forces Law is always ready to support our Armed Forces community with their legal matters.

If you would like advice on a legal matter, whether connected to your service or not, you can contact Forces Law on 0239 262 6888 or email  Click here for our leaflet.

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We are able to offer legal advice on all matters, from civilian issues to courts martial, calling on our members wealth of experience, in every matter relating to forces life.